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The blog of johnnyreilly ❤️🌻

What is this?

The meanderings and ramblings of a software engineer. If you were wondering, the slightly egotistical-sounding title of this blog started life as a pun on ICANN. Not, if I'm honest, the finest joke in the world but I haven't yet thought of a better name and so here we are...

What do I do?

I blog and I work on a number of open source projects including:

I also wrote the history of Definitely Typed

Some of my blogs are available on LogRocket

Who am I?

Long-time Londoner, born in Bristol and raised in Fleet. Developer, writer, hedge chopper extraordinaire, father, food botherer, Christian and husband to the most wonderful Geordie wife there ever was!

I write the occasional travel blog(ish) as well.

You can email me.