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· 11 min read
John Reilly

This last four months has been quite the departure for me. Most typically I find myself building applications; for this last period of time I've been taking the platform that I work on, and been migrating it from running on our on premise servers to running in the cloud.

· 10 min read
John Reilly

Most applications I write have some need for authentication and perhaps authorisation too. In fact, most apps most people write fall into that bracket. Here's the thing: Auth done well is a *big* chunk of work. And the minute you start thinking about that you almost invariably lose focus on the thing you actually want to build and ship.

· 4 min read
John Reilly

I've been using Visual Studio for a long time. Very good it is too. However, it is heavyweight; it does far more than I need. What I really want when I'm working is a fast snappy editor, with intellisense and debugging. What I've basically described is VS Code. It rocks and has long become my go-to editor for TypeScript.