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· 10 min read
John Reilly

When you are building any kind of application it's typical to want to store information which persists beyond a single user session. Sometimes that will be information that you'll want to live in some kind of centralised database, but not always.

· 11 min read
John Reilly

Progressive Web Apps are a (terribly named) wonderful idea. You can build an app once using web technologies which serves all devices and form factors. It can be accessible over the web, but also surface on the home screen of your Android / iOS device. That app can work offline, have a splash screen when it launches and have notifications too.

· 4 min read
John Reilly

So, there you sit, conflicted. You've got a lovely build setup; it's a thing of beauty. Precious, polished like a diamond, sharpened like a circular saw. There at the core of your carefully crafted setup sits webpack. Heaving, mysterious... powerful.