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Oh the Glamour of Open Source

· 2 min read
John Reilly
OSS Engineer - TypeScript, Azure, React, Node.js, .NET

Here's how my life panned out in the early hours of Wednesday 30th September 2017:

2 am
awoken by Lisette having a nightmare
3 am
gave up hope of getting back to sleep upstairs and headed for the sofa
4 am
still not asleep and discovered a serious gap in an open source project I help out with
4:30 am
come up with idea for a fix
4:45 am
accidentally delete a repo that I and many others care about from GitHub
4:50 am
recover said repo from backups (sweet mercy how could I be so stupid?)
4:55 am
actually succeed in cloning the repo I want to hack on
5:30 am
implement fix and send PR
5:35 am
go for a walk round the river
6:30 am
realise I didn't submit a test for the changed functionality
6:35 am
write test only to discover I can't run the test pack on Windows
6:40 am
add test to PR anyway so I can see test results when Travis runs on each commit.
7 am
despair at the duration of my feedback loop, totally fail to get my tests to pass
7:10 am
stub my toe really badly on a train set Benjamin has been busily assembling beneath my feet
7:11 am
give in and literally beg the project owner in Paris to fix the tests for me. He takes pity on me and agrees. Possibly because I gave him emoji tulips 🌷
7:12 am
feel like a slight failure and profoundly tired.

Oh the glamour of open source.