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Setting Build Version Using AppVeyor and ASP.Net Core

· 2 min read
John Reilly
OSS Engineer - TypeScript, Azure, React, Node.js, .NET

AppVeyor has support for setting the version of a binary during a build. However - this deals with the classic ASP.Net world of AssemblyInfo. I didn't find any reference to support for doing the same with dot net core. Remember, dot net core relies upon a <Version> or a <VersionPrefix> setting in the .csproj file. Personally, <Version> is my jam.

However, coming up with your own bit of powershell that stamps the version during the build is a doddle; here we go:

Param($projectFile, $buildNum)

$content = [IO.File]::ReadAllText($projectFile)

$regex = new-object System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex ('(<version>)([\d]+.[\d]+.[\d]+)(.[\d]+)(<\/Version>)',

$version = $null
$match = $regex.Match($content)
if($match.Success) {
# from "<version></version>" this will extract "1.0.0"
$version = $match.groups[2].value

# suffix build number onto $version. eg ""
$version = "$version.$buildNum"

# update "<version></version>" to "<version>$version</version>"
$content = $regex.Replace($content, '${1}' + $version + '${4}')

# update csproj file
[IO.File]::WriteAllText($projectFile, $content)

# update AppVeyor build
Update-AppveyorBuild -Version $version

You can invoke this script as part of the build process in AppVeyor by adding something like this to your appveyor.yml.

- ps: .\ModifyVersion.ps1 $env:APPVEYOR_BUILD_FOLDER\src\Proverb.Web\Proverb.Web.csproj $env:APPVEYOR_BUILD_NUMBER

It will keep the first 3 parts of the version in your .csproj (eg "1.0.0") and suffix on the build number supplied by AppVeyor.