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· 7 min read
John Reilly

It's great to be able to develop locally without needing a "real" database to connect to. Azurite is an Azure Storage emulator which exists to support just that. This post demonstrates how to run Azurite v3 in a dev container, such that you can access the Table Storage API, which is currently in preview.

· 2 min read
John Reilly

Updated 18/06/2017

Whilst things did improve by fiddling with Windows Defender it wasn't a 100% fix which makes me wary. Interestingly, VS Code was always open when I did experience the issue and I haven't experienced it when it's been closed. So it may be the cause. I've opened an issue for this against the VS Code repo - it sounds like other people may be affected as I was. Perhaps this is VS Code and not Windows Defender. Watch that space...

Updated 12/07/2017

The issue was VS Code. The bug has now been fixed and shipped last night with VS Code 1.14.0. Yay!

· 4 min read
John Reilly

I've been using Visual Studio for a long time. Very good it is too. However, it is heavyweight; it does far more than I need. What I really want when I'm working is a fast snappy editor, with intellisense and debugging. What I've basically described is VS Code. It rocks and has long become my go-to editor for TypeScript.