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· 8 min read
John Reilly

There's a new programming model available for Node.js Azure Functions known as v4. There's documentation out there for how to migrate JavaScript Azure Functions from v3 to v4, but at the time of writing, TypeScript wasn't covered.

This post fills in the gaps for a TypeScript Azure Function. It's probably worth mentioning that my blog is an Azure Static Web App with a TypeScript Node.js Azure Functions back end. So, this post is based on my experience migrating my blog to v4.

title image reading "Link Azure Application Insights to Static Web Apps with Bicep" with the Bicep and Azure Static Web App logos

· 5 min read
John Reilly

C# 9 has some amazing features. Azure Functions are have two modes: isolated and in-process. Whilst isolated supports .NET 5 (and hence C# 9), in-process supports .NET Core 3.1 (C# 8). This post shows how we can use C# 9 with in-process Azure Functions running on .NET Core 3.1.

title image showing name of post and the Azure Functions logo